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Read through our terms and conditions


1. Unless explicitly stated otherwise in the quotation, plumbing and electrical work are excluded from the scope of services and associated pricing. Any plumbing or electrical requirements would need to be handled separately by licensed trade professionals and subject to their own cost estimates.

2. The above proposal has been quoted according to your dimensions with the materials mentioned in the quote.

3. Our standard specifications include soft-closing hinges and rails for all cabinet doors and drawers. However, there may be instances where the desired railing device is unavailable, the available product does not meet our quality standards, or the design does not accommodate the use of a railing device. In such exceptional cases, the client will be promptly advised and provided with the most suitable alternative recommendations to ensure a satisfactory solution.

4. All our furniture bears the distinguished mark of “AY Exclusive.” Every piece crafted by our company proudly displays our logo. This practice is not merely for showbiz; rather, it serves as a testament to our identity and commitment to quality assurance. Our logo symbolizes our unparalleled craftsmanship and esteemed reputation within the furniture industry. Furthermore, it stands as a beacon of trust and assurance for our valued customers.

5. While our exclusive furniture is meticulously crafted, it is not of divine origin. Should any adjustments be necessary during delivery, we commit to promptly address them. If required, the item will be returned to our workshop for immediate repair. Importantly, this process will not delay the full payment. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional service remains steadfast.

6. The pricing structure is contingent upon the specific quantities required.


1. Upon confirmation:
* 40% upfront of total sum of the furniture and related items upon confirmation.
* Full Payment on Appliances within furniture or related upon confirmation.

2. Before Delivery:
* Prior to full delivery, we require full payment transaction to be completed


-Approx. 3 to 4 weeks after confirmation of order, expected delivery will be confirmed upon invoicing. Lead time might be amended on date of confirmation of final drawing, changes and delay in confirming details might affect expected delivery date.

-Date of delivery refers to actual delivery of furniture on site, any additional required finishes might overlap the said date.


1. Stock to be confirmed on invoicing for all in-house stock items.

2. Payments/Deposit are not refundable. But in case of cancellation, Your wallet will be credited with relating amount.

3. Delivery service must be planned at least 48 hours as from settlement. We reserve the right to find a schedule with regards to our existing planning and we will try our best to find your most convenient time upon settlement. Delivery and installation is free unless said otherwise in quote/invoice

4. We receive payments via cash, bank transfer, direct deposits, cheque. Any other mode of payment is to be approved by management before proceeding.
6. Furniture have 5 Years on body (excluding hardware and accessories). Warranty does not cover plumbing issues, electrical issues and other misuse. Please read more on our warranty on

Payment Details

Cheques should be drawn to :
Company name : Assemble Yourself Exclusive furnitures ltd"
Short form : Assemble Yourself E F ltd
Alias : AY exclusive
MCB Acct: 000449502171

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